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WHAM-AM 1180 is the dominant news radio outlet in the Greater Rochester market. Much of its content other than news hours at 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. is syndicated talk radio from the conservative end of the political spectrum. However, two local fixtures have weekday shows with large followings.

Bob Lonsberry's conservative views bring him a loyal following as well as a steady

     stream of critics. However, his years of experience in newspapers as a reporter and columnist plus time spent in electronic journalism make him a frequent newsbreaker on the air and a must-read commentator on his own website,

There's no greater source of sports knowledge in Rochester than Bob Matthews, who retired from newspaper column writing in 2012 but is still airing his views -- including dipping into politics and social commentary at times -- on one of the longest-running radio talk shows in the country. Always opinionated, Matthews is a relentless digger for the details that back his views. He writes on website.


If you're a new resident in the Upstate New York region, this is Rochester in 200 or so words

       The six-county Greater Rochester region is the No. 3 metro area in New York, and the city is one of the nation's 100 largest in terms of population. Rochester was once known as the Flour City for its processing mills by the Genesee and then as the Flower City largely due to the Ellwanger and Barry Nursery founded in 1940.        It later became known across the globe for innovation in the fields of photography (Eastman Kodak Co.), xerography (Xerox) and optics (Bausch & Lomb), and the economy is now driven in no small part by two major research universities (Rochester Institute of Technology and University of Rochester) which form the core of an extraordinary network of     higher learning institutions. Rochester-based Wegmans supermarkets, a family-owned chain valued at several billion dollars, is consistently rate highly in the industry as well as among the best places to work. New store openings in Virginia, Massachusetts, Maryland and North Carolina have turned into major events for former Upstate New     York residents longing for the legendary service and quality produce.
   Rochester also boasts a number of celebrities in the worlds of sports and entertainment. You'll find some below and others such as MMA star Jon Jones, pole vaulter Jenn Suhr and singers Renee Flemming and Lou Gramm inside this site.

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These are a few of the more interesting and informative local websites to further enlighten you as to what the Greater Rochester area has to offer residents and visitors.
   The Rochesteriat    Rocville   


   A few of the better-known Rochesterians in the sports and entertainment world

  Thomas Bryant
NBA player:
  Teddy Geiger
  Sammy Watson
Middle-distance runner:
  Lou Gramm
Rock vocalist: